Hello, Hola, Howzit!

My name is Erica, and I’m the ring leader of this traveling circus, but if the cops ask I’ve never seen these people in my life #scoutshonor. I’m just a girl from Washington, D.C. who fell in love with a Florida boy on an epic Sunday Funday.

In what feels like a blink of a severly jetlagged eye, I became a mom of two miniature schnauzers, a “sassy” globetrotting girl (note the quotation marks) and a larger than life boy (unlike in a vehicle, the child in the picture is as large as it appears). We now live our lives parenting on the fly, traveling the world as part-time global citizens, and remaining always true to our lifelong passion of being full-time pooper scoopers.

To date, we’ve lived in 5 countries (#expatlife), visited 6 continents (you can’t escape me Antarctica!), experienced more cities and countries than I even knew existed when I was little (thanks public primary school) and eaten my weight in amazing food (diet starts tomorrow?).

When people ask “Why have you been to over 60 countries with your kids?” or “Why do you move around more than Harrison Ford in The Fugitive?” my response is always “WHY NOT?!”

Welcome to The Worldwide Webers, I hope you find the information to be similar to me, a mix of mildly entertaining and sometimes useful.

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Why not?!

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