relocation abroad

Your company is relocating you? Congratulations! Hopefully it’s due to your growing skill set, which is earning you a next level opportunity. Alternatively, it’s because your boss had no other recourse for your lunchtime habit of microwaving fish (nobody likes the smelly kid…not even Pig Pen).

So what do you do now? Let’s start with an important life mantra – repeat after me “You don’t get what you don’t ask for”. Now say it again, “You don’t GET what you don’t ASK for”. This spans many aspects of life, but is especially applicable to the corporate relocation process.

moving abroad to singapore

Your parents are going to ask you a zillion questions so you might as well have some answers for them besides the destination of your one-way ticket. Prove to them, and your company, that you’re ready for this opportunity by playing this simple game of Q&A, which will satisfy even the most nervous parental units. Because, let’s be honest, it’s really about “Happy mom, all is calm”.

  • Moving expenses – How much money is included in the relocation package for moving expenses? Is it a lump sum you can spend on anything or are there restrictions on the types of reimbursable expenses? Can the money be applied to the relocation of a family pet if necessary?
  • Initial housing – Is corporate funded housing provided and how long can you stay there?
  • Finding long-term housing – Is there a housing agent they can set you up with? Is there any monthly stipend/financial assistance for housing?
  • Home visits – Are round-trip flights home included for you and your family and if so how many? If it’s long haul are they business or coach?
moving abroad to south africa
  • Insurance – What international medical coverage will you be on and when does it start? Does it also cover your family?
  • Technology – Is a company provided international cell phone or laptop included?
  • Visas – Does the company facilitate and fund the work visa process? How much time and what materials are needed to obtain the visa?
  • Salary – Will you be paid in local currency? If yes then when does the exchange rate lock in? Will there be a cost of living adjustment?
  • Paid Time-Off – Will your amount of PTO revert to local labor laws? If the number of days will decrease can that be negotiated? Can a week of moving/transition be included that does not count against your PTO?
  • Contract – How long is the work relocation contract? What is the penalty if you break it?
Moving abroad to switzerland

Arachnophobia, germaphobia, claustrophobia, and the lesser spoken about BOSSOPHOBIA. Whether it is about raises, work hours, contracts or new ideas, many confident, head strong people wilt in the presence of their superiors. Why you may ask? Maybe because they hold the key to whether we eat cup-of-noodles or filet mignon, or maybe because we just don’t want to poke the bear. Either way, becoming a nervous mute prior to your relocation is not ideal. So snap out of it!

If your company has asked you to relocate then they believe you’re strong enough to survive it. Prove to them you’re on top of your game by coming to them with a list of thoughtful questions. Relocation doesn’t have to be scary, especially when you have the support of your company.

Just don’t microwave any fish on your first day in the new office!

Why not?!