abu dhabi honeymoon

People say I’ve been on 8 honeymoons, and that’s just offensive. I’ve been on well over a dozen!

No I’m not the Black Widow from the Adams Family and Sunday isn’t my 3rd husband. I just combined my love of free stuff with my insatiable desire for travel to beautiful places and out came many honeymoons with plenty of free champagne. Does this make me a pathological liar? Maybe. Does it make me very knowledgable about planning honeymoons? Definitely.

Click on the link below to check out my guest post on the blog Shapin Up with my 10 tips for planning the ultimate honeymoon:

Shapin Up – 10 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Honeymoon

Then keep reading Shapin Up for awesome fitness advice to get in shape for your upcoming romantic rendezvous with your newly betrothed partner in crime.

Why not?!