Infomercials should be directed at new moms because we’re awake at odd hours and are easily convinced that a single product could be the magical solution to all our problems. It can roast a chicken and melt my love handles while giving me a hug?! I’ll buy 3! Belief in said magic must come from witnessing the miracle of childbirth, or possibly our lack of sleep. Either way I still believe that the Magic Bullet and OxiClean are what Disney World is really run on.

Whether at home or away, these are the products that make parenting just a smidgen easier:

  • Babyzen Yoyo Stroller – When I first started seeing this stroller I played hard to get – I was afraid to commit and wanted to keep our relationship casual and open in case something better came along. But who was I kidding, this sexy French pram won my heart and quickly become my one true love, with it’s light but sturdy build and one handed open/close ability. We have so much in common – we both love long walks on the sidewalk and plane rides in the cabin (no gate checking for my pint sized beauty). I’ve since gotten rid of my little black book of other strollers and am now happily married to my one and only Yoyo. We’re excited to announce the addition of a little Babyzen Footmuff to our family…arriving this winter! And for anyone in need of extra sun protection for their stroller check out Sasha’s Kiddie Products.
  • Aden + Anais Blanket – This is the Optimus Prime of baby blankets. Before my eyes it transforms from car seat/stroller nap shield, to baby carrier booster seat, to cozy airplane blanket, and finally, to the always fun “oh shit (literally) the baby has no backup outfit” solution.
best baby travel products babyzen yoyo stroller
best baby travel product blankets
  • Ergobaby 360 Carrier – Similar to my swinging stroller days, I was equally uncommitted in my early carrier months. I so badly wanted to be the earth mama who carried their 7-year-old named Lavender in a homemade sling of burlap and chia seeds. But surprising to no one, this wasn’t the case. I started with slings and wraps and graduated to full blown carriers until I landed on the Ergo 360. It’s all fun and games to sling a newborn for a grocery run, but hiking Petra or walking medieval cobblestone streets in Europe all day with a 6+ month old strapped to your chest requires a little more cushion for the pushin’.
  • Baby Bjorn Sun Cover for Baby Carrier – So let me get this straight, Sweden is the birthplace of massages, meatballs, 480 days of post baby paid family leave, sleek baby products AND a population of blondes that won the genetic jackpot? Those greedy Vikings! Since the sun never sets during their summer months I can see why they were the smarties who produced this necessary sun protective product. Given the facts, I think we can all agree that they deserve their 30 days of complete winter darkness…#sorryimnotsorry.
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dad baby wearing baby bjorn sun shield
  • Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 Car Seat – This is the lightweight La-Z-Boy of car seats with a sun shield even Darth Vader would feel comfortable hiding behind. Your arm won’t fall off as you transfer the babe from car to stroller to airplane without ever waking them up from their midday nap. (Note: I haven’t tried this car seat with the Yoyo stroller but the Yoyo is car seat friendly with a bunch of different ones, per their website).
  • Gate Check Bag for Car Seat – I don’t know the adventures my car seat goes on once I wave goodbye to it at the check-in counter. I picture it to be some combination of the Monsters, Inc. door systems, the black abyss and Narnia. So don’t be a fool, cover your transportation tool. Get one that you can wear as a backpack to make your gear schlep less of a pain in the butt as well!
  • Boppy Nursing Cover – This hooter hider has become my 3rd arm. If it grew opposable thumbs I’d probably get it surgically attached. With this wire hood cover, Rae gets VIP access to the milk show and helps prevent milk getting shot in her eye by reducing distractions from the colorful world around her. It also doubles as a cozy cave to fall asleep in on the plane. Long story short, if they made one my size I’d pay rent to live there.
  • Binky Strap – Strap-ons are all the rave. I’m talking binky straps, sippy cup straps, toy straps, basically if it doesn’t have the ability to strap on to the baby or the stroller then it doesn’t get a coveted spot on the ride. I find wooden binky teether straps to be the best of both worlds because Rae can chew on them and you can attach them to just about anything.
nursing baby petra jordan
baby travel products binky straps
  • Skiphop Changing Pad – To avoid ruining the ancient ruins we’ve changed diapers on; we always have our changing pad with wipes and diapers in the handy pockets. Bonus, instead of keeping the entire baby bag at our feet on a flight we just stick this down there for easy grab-n-go. Rae hasn’t chosen a lovee yet but given how attached we are to it, this thing has a real shot at the title.
  • Tumi Baby Bag – Like Jerry and Newman, nastiness and cleanliness should stay in their respective neighborhoods of your baby bag. That is unless you’d like your holiday souvenir to be the little bits of unidentified surface you just used your changing pad on. Get a bag that has a separate space for that puppy and can hook onto your stroller like the Tumi Baby Bag. Because as Seinfeld says “I don’t wanna mix in everything! My guys don’t know your guys. You can’t just lock ’em all in the same machine together. They’ll start a riot!”
baby travel to jordan skiphop changing pad
best travel baby bag tumi

Do I believe in magic? Sometimes. Do I believe in the infinite powers of infomercials? Mostly. As long as it’s only a few easy payments of $19.95 I’m pretty much sold. Now if only ShamWOW would come out with a diaper version I’d be a believer for life!

Why not?!

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