jetkids bedbox review

Crust-less sandwiches, skinless apple slices, and the oh-so-specific cup to quench their never-ending thirst. Are these requests from fancy first-class flyers? Of course not – they’re from our toddler! Since we’ve created our mini monster by bending like Beckham to her every whim, it’s understandable that she’s confused by the word “economy” on her plane tickets. It may be because she can’t read or the fact that she truly believes she belongs among those that turn left when entering the plane doors. Either way, she fully expects first-class service at all times. Lucky for us, while she may be a master manipulator, at 2.5 years old she’s still not the brightest crayon in the box and therefore is easily tricked by her older, wiser, and cheaper parents. So when faced with long-haul travel or overnight flights, we’re always aiming to create a cozy environment amidst cramped conditions for our high-end traveler. After having tried slings, stools and inflatables, we were excited to give the much talked about JetKids BedBox a go to see if this innovative travel product was, in fact, worth the schlep.

jetkids bedbox for toddlers

Here’s our JetKids BedBox experience, described with their corresponding fancy first-class diva, because that makes total sense:

  • Royal seating like Sir Elton John: a super soft mattress and foam side guards make for a throne fit for royalty.
  • Turns on a dime like Diana Ross: I love a good set of wheels and the JetKids BedBox has them which makes pulling it a breeze, even with a toddler on board.
  • Holds tons of stuff like Cher’s assistant: my backpack is no longer the kids dumping ground for snacks and toys! Hurrah! Even with the mattress inside you can fit most if not all of what they need for a travel day.
  • Multitalented like Beyoncé: Bey and Jay will say it’s all about versatility these days and this thing has it. Your kids can ride it to your gate, put their feet on it while it’s still closed, or create a bed with it fully open.
jetkids bedbox unopened
jetkids bedbox how to open
jetkids bedbox how to use
  • Tough as Whitney’s bodyguard: it’s the Kevin Costner of kid’s products with a seriously tough outer shell. Basically, if we manage to break it then I no longer need to consider going to the gym.
  • Cumbersome like Christina’s baggage: because of its shape and handle it definitely wasn’t the easiest thing to schlep. But once we realized that hanging it on the back of a stroller was the most convenient method outside of pulling it, it was way easier.
  • Keeps the crowds waiting like Mariah: the only other downside was the toddler decided it was her pet BedBox and therefore needed to walk it, let it pee, and feed it at every store we passed, so you can imagine it took us a bit of extra time to get through the airport #becausetoddlers
jetkids bedbox airlines
jetkids bedbox easyjet

Even while carrying the many outfit changes the toddler commands, we generally travel very light. So having the JetKids BedBox was a noticeable extra piece of luggage for us to haul around. But if you’ve given in and allow your kids to bring products like the Trunki, then you won’t notice a difference besides the JetKids BedBox being 10x more useful and better made. Outside of it being an extra thing to bring, I couldn’t find any other faults with the BedBox. It was way easier and quicker to set up and break down and made with higher quality materials than any slings or inflatables we’ve tried. I know some airlines aren’t into devices like these but we brought it on recent EasyJet and British Airways flights with no problem. You’ll definitely see us bringing it on our long-haul journeys but may keep it home for the short hops to keep our baggage to a minimum. Overall I give the JetKids BedBox 2 diva thumbs-up (but don’t touch the nails because we clearly just had a manicure).

jetkids bedbox lie flat

Thanks to JetKids BedBox for sponsoring this post and making such a smart and well-made product for our tiny traveler! Now if you could only make a booger proof mattress that would be great. For more travel products aimed to help kids of all ages fly as if they’re in first class, check out our 3 Travel Sleep Products for Kids post.