Holidays, the time for gluttony, giving, getting, and re-gifting. Add these awesome items to your holiday gift guide and then pass said gift guide out to family and friends so they know exactly how to produce a true smile from you this holiday season, opposed to the gassy smile you make post-dinner.

Baby Gift Guide:

  • Milkbarn Bamboo Burpies – Quirky designs and soft-as-butter bamboo material makes being puked on in public slightly more bearable with these burp clothes on hand. Milkbarn also has rompers, onesies and other goodies that are amazing.
  • Etta Loves Sensory Muslin Squares – It’s a beautiful unisex swaddle and developmental toy all in one. And it’s made of bamboo. Need I say more?
milkbarn bamboo burp clothes

Milkbarn Bamboo Burpies

etta loves bamboo muslin squares

Etta Loves Sensory Muslin Squares

  • Silkberry Baby Bamboo Footie Pajamas – Not only are these footed pajamas made from the softest bamboo (notice a material trend on this list?), but they zip from the bottom up! Once you start using them, you’ll wonder why all PJs aren’t designed this way.
  • Totokan Baby Monitor – This new portable, water-resistant baby monitor makes it fast and easy to head to a friend’s house or a hotel with an extra set of eyes in your bag. You don’t even need Wi-Fi to keep watch as they take a quick catnap or play in the next room while you get your eggnog on.
Silberry Baby Bamboo Footie Pajamas

Silkberry Baby Bamboo Footies

Totokan Portable Baby Monitor

Totokan Portable Baby Monitor

Kid Gift Guide:

tiny cottons

Tiny Cottons Llamas One Piece

room on the broom

Julia Donaldson’s Room on the Broom

  • Fisher-Price Little PeopleDollhouse, school bus, race track, you name it, we have it lying in the middle of our living room floor. They hurt less than legos when you step on them and keeps my toddler busy day after day.
  • My 123 and My ABC Sticker Activity Books – Love a good sticker book, hate a sticker book with teeny tiny stickers, meaning the toddler’s fumbly fingers require help every other minute. The big stickers in these 123 and ABC sticker activity books provide hours of solo matching fun wherever we are.
Fisher Price Little People Dollhouse

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home

123 Sticker Activity Book

My 123 Sticker Activity Book

Adult Gift Guide:

  • Rituals XL Candles – At 70hrs of burn time, I can have these puppies lit round the clock to mask the smell of kids, dogs, and husbands. Best of all, it’s 1/3 the price of other 3 wick candles out there…because I want my house to smell great, but not at the expense of the kid’s college savings.
  • Scamp and Dude Jumper – The only thing I love more than a super soft top is a mom brand with an awesome story. This superhero-inspired clothing line aims to give the wearer superhero levels of confidence wherever they are in the world. And who doesn’t love a chance for #twinning with the kids?
Rituals XL Candle

Rituals XL Precious Amber Scented Candle

Scamp and Dude Jumper

Scamp and Dude Adult Super Soft Sweatshirt

  • Love Handle Universal Phone Grip – Since I’ll be bringing my love handles to the holidays anyway, might as well have a useful version around too! This is an easy stocking stuffer, and an item I wish I had before I dropped my phone while carrying too many things and humans at once, because #parenthood.
  • Smythson Personalized Leather Passport Holder – Unisex, personal and impossible to be regifted, you can never go wrong with a beautiful leather passport holder that’ll be used for many adventures to come.
  • Magazine Subscription – I love giving magazine subscriptions as part of a present. For the cost of a Starbucks run you can give a gift that will haunt your recipient the rest of the year. Cookbook + Bon Appetite, Candle + Real Simple, Swell water bottle + Travel+Leisure, Apple Music Gift Card + Rolling Stone. They’re a match made in present giving heaven and can be done as last minute as necessary!
Love Handle Universal Phone Grip

Love Handle Universal Phone Grip

Smythson Panama Passport Cover

Smythson Personalized Panama Passport Cover

Magazine Subscription

Magazine Subscriptions

4 legged mammals (crawling humans not included):

  • ED by Ellen at Petsmart – From pet beds to pup bowties, she’s got it all. I can’t wait for our dogs to look particularly snazzy with their Bandana Dog Collars this year in the hopes of persuading as many scraps from the table to end up in their bowls as possible.
  • BarkBox – Send a single box or a monthly subscription to your puppy friends. Each box contains toys, treats, and chews that’ll keep even the most #basic of puppers feeling #blessed.
ed by ellen dog collars

ED by Ellen Love Script Bandana Dog Collar

bark box

Bark Box

Not only do I love being a customer of these brands but I also love being their partner. Many of the brands listed in this gift guide are small businesses, which means you get double the karma points when you support them. (Disclaimer: There is no scientific proof behind this statistic, but that doesn’t make it untrue). Thanks to Scamp and Dude, Milkbarn, Silkberry Baby, Etta Loves, ED by Ellen, and Totokan for making such great items and partnering with me on this post.

If you’re looking for other items to add to your well-curated gift guide, check out our Products page for beauty, cosmetics, travel, and tech goodies galore!