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Sleep. The backbone of semi-rational thinking, and the hot topic amongst parents in every playgroup since the dawn of time. Just like Beyonce’s Beyhive, these parents are buzzing with tips, tricks, judgments and contradictory methods that could fill an entire second Lemonade album. Boob, bottle, blackout curtains, Beyonce’s bat, Ubers that’ll drive your kid around until they fall asleep…the methods are endless. And god forbid you say that you’re a Cry It Out believer, you’ll be certain to have Child Services called on you by Becky with the good hair.

Whether you have a unicorn child that has slept 8hrs a night since the day they were born or a gremlin that’s been awake every 2hrs to ensure the power dynamic is ever in their favor, proper sleep training methods are always helpful because even unicorns experience regressions. To no one’s surprise, I birthed a gremlin that decided sleeping wasn’t his jam. Once I understood how spiteful my spawn was, I quickly realized I needed to call for backup. Enter Natalie from the Baby Sleep Trainer Method.

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The Baby Sleep Trainer Method is an all-inclusive program offering education, structure, support and a community of equally motivated and sleep deprived parents. It trains for naps and nighttime simultaneously, preaches classic sleep training concepts, provides direct guidance via personal email exchanges, group video-conferences and a private Facebook page of likeminded hopefuls. There’s 3 different packages that range in price from $49 to $350 depending on what suits your needs and your wallet the best.

The Baby Sleep Trainer Method is based on the concept that a kid’s sleep, and thus your sanity, hinges on their ability to fall asleep unassisted, therefore they must be fully awake when laid down. Once the child learns to fall asleep unassisted, they’ll be able to put themselves back to sleep when they wake up between sleep cycles. After watching Natalie’s Baby Sleep Trainer Method introductory video,  I decided to take this singular point and apply it to my up-every-2hr-non-sleeping 6-month-old creature. Well I’ll be damned…after just TWO NIGHTS he was doing 8hr stretches. So like the magic of Oxi-Clean, I became a believer and jumped in head first to the Baby Sleep Trainer Method’s $100 program and got this party started.

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I could go into detail about the progress of each day but instead, I’ll answer the two questions that everyone really wants to know which is 1) how much did he cry and 2) how long did it take. Considering my son has no issue showing his feelings in a loud manner, he cried. A lot. In the beginning, he cried for up to an hour when he would be put down awake in his crib and then cried when he’d wake in the night. And not just a fuss, I’m talking real, hard cries. Lucky for me I have a cold dead heart so it didn’t rattle me, but if you’re like my husband who can’t stand to hear a baby cry, the structure of the Baby Sleep Trainer Method has a built-in safety net allowing interaction with the baby during these instances for short periods of time to help settle everyone’s nerves.

Fast forward just 2 weeks and we’re now down to crying for a maximum of 5-10min when he’s put in the crib, sleeping from 7pm-5am and sleeping for two 2hr naps in the daytime. Mind you, we started at 2hr stretches at night and 30-45min daytime naps, so needless to say I’d call that progress. We’re still struggling to go from 10hrs to 12hrs at night so that he wakes at 7am instead of 5am, but we’ll get there soon enough!

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It’s important to note that my son continues to prove to be a difficult child in many ways. Sure, I could say he’s “headstrong” or “stubborn” and maybe he’ll have great “strong leadership skills,” but truthfully, as a baby, he’s just kind of been a cute, cuddly, very loud pain in the ass. So if the Baby Sleep Trainer Method can work for him it really should work for just about anyone.

There’s nothing worse than having a baby that doesn’t sleep and feeling frustrated with the mass quantity of methods and information out there on how to fix it. For that reason alone, the Baby Sleep Trainer Method is worth its weight in gold.

Thanks to Natalie for her awesome system, educational website, direct one on one support, amazing results and sponsorship for this post.

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