sujan rajmahal palace jaipur india luxury hotel

If Alice in wonderland summered in India, Sujan Rajmahal Palace in Jaipur, India would be her palace of choice. With 43 crazy intricate wallpapers adorning every surface in sight it’s a sensory overload. I’m certain that at least one of the walls would have made Willy Wonka proud and definitely tasted like snozberries.

sujan rajmahal palace jaipur india luxury dining
sujan rajmahal palace jaipur india amazing architecture

Like in Princess Bride, everything here is “as you wish”. Every question you ask their staff will be responded to with this phrase. While the idea that I can eat whatever whenever wherever is quite liberating, it’s also quite confusing for anyone with even a hint of indecision. After asking where dinner was served and of course given the “as you wish” response I finally had to say, “ok but really, where do normal people eat dinner in this maze of a palace?!”.

sujan rajmahal palace jaipur india interior design

With just 13 rooms you’re meant to use it as your home versus your hotel. But if this place was my home I’d kick all the other guests out and just go around tasting the walls. The Kennedy suite that we stayed in was used by Jackie O for three months during her stay in Jaipur. And since my poise and ladylike behavior gets mistaken for hers constantly it was no shock that they gave us this room. It’s important to note that this was not just a room, it had its own sitting parlor and dining room fit for a lady. Needless to say we did our best not to destroy it.

sujan rajmahal palace jaipur india classic cars
sujan rajmahal palace jaipur india beautiful gardens

This place is truly a spectacle with a staff to match. It’s clearly gotten the whole luxury palace thing down after being in existence for over 200 years. If you’re in Jaipur I can’t imagine a cooler place to stay. And if you’re too scared to ask the staff what’s for lunch then just rock up to your closest wall and take a nibble. I mean, they did say as you wish!